General Membership

General Members of the Association are those members engaged in the third party collection business or law firms. MAP participation is available to attorneys licensed by the State Bar of California who represent or provide services to one or more members of the Association in the area of credit or collection law. Collection agencies that are members of CAC benefit greatly from their affiliation with CAC. A memberhsip in the Association includes:

- The most current legal information from CAC's legal counsel.

- The online Collector's Ink magazine which provides collection information, general business information, and much more.

- The Consumer 800 Hotline for consumer's comlaints and resolution.

- Legislative Access - all members have the opportunity to be part of, and have input regarding the current legislative plans.

- Conventions and Meetings - provide members with education opportunites, networking, the latest in technology, and industry trends.

- Vendor Partnerships - A list of CAC Vendor Member who provide products and services designed specifically for the needs of collection agencies

Membership requirements

A third party collection business or law firm practicing in California may apply for company membership in CAC by submitting the following:

- Membership Application
- Copy of Business License
- Copy of Incorporation papers (If applicable)

Membership Dues Remittance and Fees

In accordance with Article III, section 4 of the bylaws of the California Association of Collectors, Inc., the dues of all members of the Association are payable annually, in advance, on the first day of the new membership year. Full payment for one year is due upon application to CAC. Dues for the following year will be prorated according to Article III, Section 4 of CAC's bylaws.

Basis for Computation of Dues: Dues of members of the Association shall be based upon the total number of employees of such members, actively engaged in the collection agency business, whether such employees are employed full-time or part-time, regardless of capacity. For the purpose of fixing such dues, the term "employee" shall include the owner, if a sole proprietorship; each partner, if a partnership; outside salespeople, solicitors and collectors, even though employed as independent contractors.

Included in your CAC dues is one an annual subscription to Collector's Ink. Additional annual subscriptions are available for $50 each.

Contributions or gifts to CAC are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for income tax purposes. However, they may be tax deductible as ordinary and necessary business expenses subject to restrictions imposed as a result of the Association's lobbying activities. CAC estimates the nondeductible portion to be 42.30 percent. 

Dual membership in CAC and ACA is required. When you initically join CAC, you will complete and submit dues payment for ACA membership with CAC application.

Questions? Contact Membership Services