Millions of Dollars are at Stake in California: Demystify AB 1020

Five associations join forces to offer this educational session covering new CA Health Care Laws AB 1020 and AB 532 THAT ARE ALREADY IN EFFECT AS OF JANUARY 1, 2022. In California, Patient Debt Collections are on hold as hospitals and their partner debt collection agencies are scrambling to get in compliance.

The new laws have amended sections of the Health and Safety Code, as well as the Rosenthal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, imposing new restrictions on hospitals and debt collectors alike, putting both parties in a real quagmire. Hospitals can’t assign or sell bad debt out to collections without first complying; debt collection agencies are prohibited from collecting hospital debt until their hospital clients comply. The laws require updates to hospital charity care policy, final notice requirements, and debt collection assignment policy.

Don’t miss this important session to get the information you need to know about how to navigate these new laws and keep patient revenue flowing. IS YOUR ORGANIZATION READY?

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